Tuesday, April 06, 2010


So sometimes things just make me smile... such as this funny email that I just read from collarme

" Well I happened upon your profile randomly while just tooling around bored and such.. you'd think as a teenager video games would suit me, but tooling about on bdsm ad/dating site works just as well I suppose correct?

Either way I digress xD

I tooled about and happened upon your profile and thought huh this is pretty interesting. Granted a lotta the stuff you have listed on here didn't quite float my own personal boat and honestly I'm not messaging requesting a meeting or anything because I am almost absolutely sure I am not your type... being a complete newbie teenager to the lifestyle that is =/ So I read some of the experiences and decided to read your blog and blah blah blah blah.. basically in short I did some reading not much but some and I must say that you are quite the character!

Granted everybody on this site is quite the character but you are in a entertaining witty sort've way :P I particularly enjoyed reading your thoughts on the typical "social married women" blog their behavioral patterns differing from your own.

Basically the point of this letter.. even though I'm sure you already know what I'm saying anyway.. but the point of it is that you are in fact one Bad Ass woman with wit and a kick ass attitude and I enjoyed reading that little tidbit of your personality.. it made my day as I was very bored xD

Either way sorry for boring you and thank you for taking your time for reading this.. or at least if you've gotten this far without instantly deleting it like i've heard some do. @_@

Again you have a good night.. or day.. depending on when you receive this >_<

A random dorky wannabe Submissive"
How cute... I'm such a character ;-) AND YES, I AM BACK!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Moved On..

Do you miss me? I know that I moved on... but..

I miss you.

And you've had some "upgrades" done since I last saw you. Lookin' Nice....

It makes me want you. Again.

I'm flirting with the idea that I could have both of you at the same time.... ?

If you ever wanna get to know me more... send me an email.

I'll tell you where I'm hanging my thigh high boots at these days, and I promise I'm only getting better.

Mistress Nichole.

Friday, August 15, 2008


So fucking blogger, after a week or two of having taken away my access to post, (because I actually do blog, almost every day), believed that I must be a spammer. Or a spambot. Well jeez, thanks blogger....

So they've now "reviewed" me and I can now access my own blog, and make new posts.

But I've moved on.

IF YOU WANT TO CONTINUE READING ABOUT MY EXPLOITS then you should join my yahoo group to find the new blog. I'm going to be using wordpress instead.

You can also send me an email to: MsNichole_2002@yahoo.com and REQUEST the link to my new blog.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

I want to be...

Fucked hard. Ram it in, fill me up. I need all of it. Deep inside my tight, wet, slippery pussy. Just shove it in, no playing around, no teasing me. I want to be fucked long, and hard, by your big, strong cock.

No pansy ass bullshit. No me, telling you, what to do. No calling me "Mistress". Take me. Now. All the way. Make me scream, and moan, and thrash all over. I want you to tell me to shut the fuck up, to stop telling you what to do, and how to do it.

When I'm done, and feel like I've been split wide open, raw from all the sex, then, and only then, may you leave. Quietly.



God I fucking hate how stupid some of the "dominant" women (and I use that very loosely) involved with this lifestyle are. I tried catching up on some posts in various yahoo groups that I just subscribed to, but they're all fucking idiotic, mind numbing, unintelligent freaks, who are totally catering to the wishes of the men they're charging to play with. Hardly very "dominatrix" like.

There was so much crapola to get through that I don't even know where to begin: (here's some excerpts, and they'll remain nameless)..

"It's my b'day and I want to spend it with a sub who will take me to the hairdressers, the nail salon, then shopping, and what you buy for me I will use on you the NEXT time I see you".. OK, seriously, does that sound like fucking fun?? Who really in their right mind would want to spend anytime with that? She sounds like a broke, baby mama drama, lazy, unimaginative fuck. Another one who has one of those fucked up websites, with nothing on there except the now compulsory, contact me, images, session information... (but no pay-per-view area, so that was a bit of a bonus in her favour).

In my world, a man can actually get on his knees, no previous purchase required.

"No touching allowed" - WFT? "
I AM NOT AN ESCORT, and Domination/Fantasy-Role Play is NOT a service that involves ANY sex acts".

Do they have some kind of sensory issue? a fucked up skin disorder? Isn't this at all sexual to them, which would then in part require them to be touched by the person they're playing with? When I do this stuff, my body screams for an orgasm, and my skin aches to be touched, stroked, kissed, licked, and mostly ADORED! Why don't pro-dominant women like to fuck? Why do they have this whole holier than thou attitude that they're better than a prostitute, because they're not having sex for money... !!! WTF is that all about?

If a man is paying you for a session, you can bet that he expects to get off, because he's paying you for it! Fantasy role play is EXACTLY about sex acts.. what the fuck kinda fantasies do you have that don't involve sex??

Next up was...

"Morning Coffee" - "I spent 4 hours this morning strapping someone down to my rack with 26 leather straps to achieve complete head to toe bondage with suspension, but god forbid he's uncomfortable in that, I don't want to apply pressure to the wrong points... and it was the best cup of coffee I've had... yada yada yada.." Again WTF??

I can seriously think of a bazillion more ways to enjoy my morning coffee - namely sitting on a gorgeous veranda, looking at one of those infinity pools that just drops off the edge, with the ocean behind it. The sun is shining. Several men at the ready - one who can cook, and pour coffee. Another one who can suck my toes, like he's sucking a miniature cock. Two more boys who are intently sucking each others cocks, (just for my enjoyment mind you), with one of them dressed a little slutty, and the other naked in all his glory. Oh and did I mention that last boy? Well he's the one that I'm sitting on, he's my comfy chair for breakfast time and he's eating my pussy, and licking my ass.. and that's his breakfast. My clit is engorged, and throbbing, and I have waves of pleasure going through my entire body, because these men are here to serve me.

I'm sorry but no amount of money in the world would make me fart around for 4 hours strapping some asshole down to a table, and making sure he's all comfy and cosy in his leather cocoon, and I certainly wouldn't be telling anyone about it if I did do it (you know, just for the money). How the fuck is that enjoyable to any woman? They're LYING when they tell you that it is. Fucking liars. I know women, and I know what's enjoyable. That kinda morning would have totally ruined my fucking cup of joe and my entire day.

For me, this is all about being desired, about getting overwhelmed by that other persons sexual desire for me. Knowing that the other person wants and needs you so badly, is what this is all about.

That fetish that some of you have for serving women without *servicing* them. That’s the opposite of male submission. Because it has nothing to do with any kind of female sexual desire.

So who is serving whom?

I'm so bored, and annoyed and worked up now that not much else will make sense. What Femdom has been molded into, sucks. It's fucked up. It's totally no longer female domination. I'm tired of looking at all this male driven porn today and realizing how fake and pathetic it is. Where are all the real women?

Paying for it, versus not paying for it. Why do some people assume that the more you pay for something, the better it is? Why can people not see that in a male driven society, that men have controlled how pro-femdoms present themselves? Men have said that sexy is a beautiful fit model, wearing exquisite fetish wear, and doing exactly what you've told her to do, for the money that you're paying her. I'm even all ok with that picture, but let's not call it submission, or her a dominatrix.

Can't sleep..

And blogger god bless 'em, is finally working again..

Now if I just had a slave to suck on my toes, and lick my feet while I masturbate, I could go back to sleep again in a heartbeat...

Monday, August 04, 2008

Desperately Seeking... a lover...

So I spent today putting an "ad" up on SLS because I'm desperately seeking a lover. Not just any lover. He's got to be:

A real "alpha" male (i.e... More aggressive than me).
Have a large cock, that he knows how to use
Be kinky, and open to all the things that I'm into sexually, and either play along, or sit back and watch, and then to finish, fuck me the way a real man fucks a woman.
Have a great tongue.
Be able to talk dirty.
Be at least 6ft tall, and preferably at least 6'3 or more..

He's got to be able to make me go weak at the knees, have a sense of adventure, be into public sex, and be available whenever the hell I want him.

So far, I've had like 80 CRAP EMAILS, and 3 possible great emails. So I'll let you know how it turns out. Am I asking too much?? To have my cake and eat it too?

(Still not able to post pics with the blogger service.., they're having issues).


Someone mentioned today that they'd like to see some more bare feet pics. Well as it's summer, and I spend most of my time by a pool, and barefoot, that was the easiest pic request EVER! (HOWEVER BLOGGER HAS BEEN DOWN FOR HOURS NOW, AND I'M GETTING FED UP WAITING FOR IT TO COME BACK ON!!!) WTF??

I wanted to get this posted first, because I'm about to go curl up with my book in bed. I wanna finish it in the next day or two because I just read a review in the post for a book I totally want.. it's called The Gargoyle, by Andrew Davidson. Ron Charles gave it an awesome review!

Sunday, August 03, 2008

MY man..

I've spent the entire day soul searching. I realized after the other night, that I don't want to emasculate MY man. My man is this hunk, this alpha male, and it's soooo sexy when he goes down on me, or when I ride his face, because he's not this whiny, pansied little sissy boy with a fetish for strap on's and humiliation. He's a man, who fucks me like a real man. Like I'm sore afterwards, you know, where sometimes my legs ache in that "oh you've been fucked real good way"..

I now almost wish I could take back the things I told him the other night over dinner that I wanted to do to him, and replace *HIM* with Mike, Josh, Dan or whomever, because that after all really is hotter.

So, I won't be trying to humiliate MY man any further. After all that is what I have all of you little submissive, fuck-wads for.

I wish I could understand how my brain works. Why do I get off on taking innocent looking, nice boys, and get off forcing them to put on a pair of slutty fishnets, a little pair of girls underwear, and a matching bra (all of which I've made them come with me to pick out at the mall, in front of whomever)?

Why do I get off then on bringing them home, and demanding that they strip in front of me, and watch as they drool at the prospect of me forcing them into their new attire? Helping them get into their outfit for the very first time, slowly pulling the knickers up between their massive thighs, and adjusting their cock and balls so that they fit nice and neatly behind the soft, nice, pretty material, then tightening those bra straps and making them run their hands all over their new purchases is such a fucking turn on to me.

To have them then put MY stockings, shoes (or thigh high boots), and underwear onto ME, all while they've got a heightened new perspective of just how pretty this stuff feels, is a little mind fuck all on it's own. Pushing them down onto the floor, and then sliding my body up against theirs... rubbing my legs against their now stocking clad legs, or pressing my breasts against their padded little bra, really enforces to them just how beautiful women are, (especially those of us who wear nice undies, and who go to the trouble of putting on the stockings, and the heels)... Seeing a sub laying down on the floor, all vulnerable, gives me shivers and goosebumps all over my body, I also actually literally heat up. Restraining them down, and telling them to watch me don my strap on, sends spine tingling thrills over me. Telling them that I'm going to abuse their "boy pussy" and rip that hole wide open while I pound it with my big hard cock, totally turns me on. Knowing that they've been craving a cock up their arse and now them knowing that I know their dirty little perverted secret, only makes it better.

The only slight problem with strap on sex is that, as a real woman, I KNOW just how good it feels to have something big and hard up my pussy, and invariably after all the stimulation against my clit from the friction of me fucking the sub with my strap on, I'd have to use my vibrator to finish me off. BUT NOW, I'm going to have to find a sub, who is hung as much or more than my husband, and who would come along for a kinda 3-some... and who would be my constant play partner that gets to make me cum long and hard, from his very big cock penetrating my pussy. A guy who'd be into getting his cock sucked from my little dressed up whore, and who wouldn't mind my little cock sucking whore staying quietly in the room, while he satisfies me completely.